Reiki Treatment vs. Shamanic Healing

Updated: May 8

Reiki Treatment: everyone is familiar with the healing touch. Reiki, is a therapy treatment created by a Japanese Buddhist named Mikao Usui over a hundred years ago, is based on a simple energy principle: We’re all guided by the life force, and it sustains our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. When this abundant and natural life force becomes obstructed by negative thinking, unhealthy habits, or basic daily stressful overload, we call these energy blocks. Because there is a block in the flow of this life force that sustains our basic wellness.

Reiki helps replenish life force, qi, prana, and the flow of energy that is fused with a light touch and positivity. The intent is restorative, calming, and regenerative. There are so many benefits to receiving reiki treatments: it calms anxiety, lifts depressiveness, soothes negative feelings, and raises the immune system. It naturally balances the chakra system. Reiki has the capacity to lower blood pressure, and blood sugar levels, and can be more restorative than sleep because you may be able to clear your mind, find stillness and reset all of the body's systems to a place of homeostasis.

Shamanic Healing: where reiki restores positivity. Shamanic healing removes negativity.

Negative emotions, unresolved trauma, and limiting beliefs effects the flow of abundance. Keeping the company of negative people, and having too many unhealthy relationships is the major cause of either having a conflicting personality or attracting high conflict personalities, bad luck, and risky behavior. Rage, anger, resentment, jealousy, hate, vengefulness, addictions, curses, rare diseases that can't be explained, nightmares, hauntings, and having an unstable mind, dysregulated emotions, and life only adds more to the negativity.

Shamanic Healing is the clearing for deeper unforeseen issues. Most traumas were never even your fault. Trauma is not a dis-ease, it's not something you caused upon yourself but, it's something that happened that caused you to react, behave or do things to protect yourself from that ever happening again. Unprocessed, unhealed and underestimating the cause of a core issue such as the sudden death