Reiki Treatment vs. Shamanic Healing

Updated: May 9

Reiki Treatment: everyone is familiar with the healing touch. Reiki, is a therapy treatment created by a Japanese Buddhist named Mikao Usui over a hundred years ago, is based on a simple energy principle: We’re all guided by the life force, and it sustains our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. When this abundant and natural life force becomes obstructed by negative thinking, unhealthy habits, or basic daily stressful overload, we call these energy blocks. Because there is a block in the flow of this life force that sustains our basic wellness.

Reiki helps replenish life force, qi, prana, and the flow of energy that is fused with a light touch and positivity. The intent is restorative, calming, and regenerative. There are so many benefits to receiving reiki treatments: it calms anxiety, lifts depressiveness, soothes negative feelings, and raises the immune system. It naturally balances the chakra system. Reiki has the capacity to lower blood pressure, and blood sugar levels, and can be more restorative than sleep because you may be able to clear your mind, find stillness and reset all of the body's systems to a place of homeostasis.

Shamanic Healing: where reiki restores positivity. Shamanic healing removes negativity.

Negative emotions, unresolved trauma, and limiting beliefs effects the flow of abundance. Keeping the company of negative people, and having too many unhealthy relationships is the major cause of either having a conflicting personality or attracting high conflict personalities, bad luck, and risky behavior. Rage, anger, resentment, jealousy, hate, vengefulness, addictions, curses, rare diseases that can't be explained, nightmares, hauntings, and having an unstable mind, dysregulated emotions, and life only adds more to the negativity.

Shamanic Healing is the clearing for deeper unforeseen issues. Most traumas were never even your fault. Trauma is not a dis-ease, it's not something you caused upon yourself but, it's something that happened that caused you to react, behave or do things to protect yourself from that ever happening again. Unprocessed, unhealed and underestimating the cause of a core issue such as the sudden death of a loved one, grief, betrayal, violence, assault, and many relational violations: by people you once trusted, family members, or a loved one is far worse than being violated by a stranger. Growing up with a parent of two with addictions, or mental illnesses. No matter how small or insignificant you think it was or how despicable and unspeakable the situation was ... if it is not processed, neutralized or healed the abundance in your life and your blessings are blocked.

The Shamanic Healing I offer: at my skill and expertise has the ability to heal deep wounds, core issues, and lift all unseen negative forces, and attachments, and yes this includes any mental illnesses and personality disorders. Reiki restores your life force but my experience, education, and calling is a force that restores your life.

This is why I offer Shamanic Healing + Reiki Treatments for clearing all those adverse life experiences from the inside out. I hope you get the intensity of my position, to help you clear it from the inside out. This is not an attempt to change your life from the outside by doing things to make you feel better, we can't change what happened or force the problems to change so you feel better. But to clear it from within your mind, body, and soul. Even though whatever your core wound is, it's not your fault, but your healing is your responsibility. So that we end that cycle. Hurt people, hurt people. Shamanic healing removes negativity while Reiki restores positivity.

If this work resonates with you and you want to start the process of gently, releasing negativity and you don't want to talk in circles and you want tangible results so you can get back to manifesting a life of joy, peace, and abundance of wellness ... book your shamanic + reiki session with me today.

Healed is the absence of pain, discomfort or dis-ease.

Healing is the process of removing the pain, discomfort and dis-ease.

Trauma is the Greek word for wound.

Trauma causes shock, chronic dis-eases, trauma responses, insecurities, isolation, anxiety and depression. Most of what medical doctors diagnose a disease is really caused by unprocessed emotions. I would say that anxiety or depression is not a disease, anxiety and depression are just a symptom of trauma and trauma is not a sickness it's what happened.

The trauma that happens is what causes most of the conflict in personalities, dysregulation or emotions, and mistrust. It's important you understand that your emotional and mental anguish is not an illness. Finally, Harvard Medical Research wrote a paper on how most of your childhood adverse experiences are the number one cause of chronic diseases.

When you are no longer triggered negatively by the bad memories or your own way of thinking about what happened or triggered by the actions of others you have healed the trauma.

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