About Me

Updated: Jul 22

Innately I am intuitive like most sensitives; I'm an empath on many levels: physical, spiritual, and emotional. Being an empath: is possibly the most under-estimated psychic gift, it's the ability to strongly sense and experience the emotions, physical pain, and feelings of others as if they were my own. I learned at a very early age that I could clear my own aura from other people using my own intuition and perception of energy.

So naturally being in service as an “ENERGY HEALER” made much more sense to me than anything I could have chosen to do with these gifts. Upon learning to meditate I then expanded my knowledge and interests by reading books on healing, quantum physics, and noetic sciences.

After high school, not getting into the college of my choice I had no real direction. My rebellious nature got me into trouble with the law so I did the next best thing anyone can do at 19 years old to formally change their life around. I joined the military (U.S. Airforce) After the military, I then went off into the "real" world and had a couple of career changes as a marketing executive which led me to experience success as a real estate agent. But, I knew that I wasn't born to be a realtor. So I began a journey to find "my purpose" so I thought going back to school for a Master's degree in Psychology to become a Mental Health Clinician would do the trick. I soon figured out that really wasn't the right work for me. But, dropping out and giving up on seeking my purpose was also not the answer.

So, I did that ... I started looking for the real answers for myself. I already had a holistic viewpoint on health, energy healing, and emotional-mental well-being. In seeking for my path I discovered I wasn't going to learn from a conventional university what I truly wanted and instead sought out for my self-actualization to serve others.

For a while, my whole purpose in life was to seek my purpose. Fulfilling my purpose would be the most fulfilling thing I could do. And I questioned deeply how would I be in service to others in a way that would be fulfilling.

So, with that in mind, I became committed to my own personal healing journey and devoted my life to what was already natural for me, and when I surrendered to my deep interests I embodied my life purpose